Turmeric Brightening Face, Lip, & Body Scrub


Ingredients: Raw Sugar, Organic Turmeric, Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil, Licorice Root, Lemon Essential Oil, Vitamin E, Gentle Natural Paraben Free Preservative.

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Perfect for exfoliating and brightening lips and helps slough off dry dead skin. Licorice root extract may help with brightening lips, face as well as any body parts with focused exfoliation in vigorous but yet gentle motion on the roughest areas. This sugar scrub may also be used around personal areas after shaving for smoothing and brightening. Also the Turmeric Brightening Face, Lip, & Body Scrub may be used to scrub the thighs and buttocks areas as well as other roughened darkened area of the body. The ground organic turmeric serves great purpose due to it’s known properties and benefits in brightening up darkened areas when scrub is used periodically until expected results achieved.

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