King Charlemagne Growth & Maintenance


Contains 100% all natural quality herbs.
It is important that whenever you’re starting a new product to always perform a patch test on small area of preferably the forearm to rule out any sensitivities you may have to the product or ingredients that the product may contain.

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Quality 100% all natural ingredients used in the preparation of Skin Soap Essential’s potent hair oil. King Charlemagne G&M Hair Oil is infused to perfection after preparation. It may help stimulate the scalp due to the properties that cloves carry since cloves of many stimulating ingredients that are included in the potent oil recipe. Also contains organic ingredients such as Stinging Nettle, Gooseberry, Rosmarinus Officinalis, Prunus Amygdalus Ducis, and so many more beneficially known healthy ingredients for hair & skin. King Charlemagne Growth & Maintenance Oil not only helps stimulate and maintain growth but also may help nurture the scalp and, in turn, reduce hair fall.

Weight 2 oz


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