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Tea Tree-Sea Salt Bar


This soap may help deodorize and supports proper hygiene  as well as soothe very dry itchy skin.

Sea salt has the effect of naturally cleansing pores, controls oil, and sea salt is rich in minerals.

In the production of this soap these are the ingredients that were used

tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, olive coconut oil, sea salt, and goats milk

This soap bar is suitable for sensitive, and acne prone skin. The soap may be used on a daily basis, it can cleanse the skin without damaging its natural barrier.
This soap cleanses away dirt, grime, oil build up and may help soothe acne prone skin along with other skin conditions. Due to the natural cooling effect that the ingredients give off this soap may perhaps help soothe skin conditions such as ringworm, athletes foot, itching, acne prone skin, and may even help with body/foot odors.

Weight 4 oz


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