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Koji Bar


The Koji Bar, formerly known as The Grimel Bar.

The Koji Bar may help brighten darker uneven body parts by gently exfoliating different body parts such as inner thighs under arms and help lessen the appearance of healed acne scars by gradually evening out discolored uneven parts. The Koji Bar may also help with symptoms of hyperpigmentation due to the benefits contains in combination with great skin beneficial Ingredients such as Carrot Seed Oil, Lycopene rich ingredients, Papain rich ingredients, combined with Fruit Acid Oils. By far, the Koji Bar is one of Skin Soap Essentials Customers Most Loved Soaps to help with discoloration and issues in that nature. The Koji Bar is meant to help with the control of discoloration and hyperpigmented skin to help even out your beautiful skin tone (darker than areas) and help maintain supple and soft like butter skin.Can also be used on a daily basis till goals have been reached to help brighten up darkened areas of the body such as of course the face, arm pits, buttox, and inner thighs.

Weight 4 oz


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