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Honey Lemon Turmeric


Unfiltered Honey, Lemon, & Organic Turmeric is incredible to the skin thanks to it’s antibacterial properties in conjunction with skin nurturing antioxidants
lemons bring, and we can’t forget the anti-inflammatory effects Turmeric and Turmeric extract is said to have on acne scaring and hyperpigmentation.Turmeric is mainly known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties.

Raw Honey serves great purpose to the skin and is believed to carry natural antibacterial properties along with the said Vitamin C that Lemons are know to carry, plus the anti-inflammatory properties that Turmeric brings to this Bar of soap it truly is a holy grail power house saop. If you have any blemishes or imperfections, you’ve got to put to put the Honey Lemon Turmeric Bar to the test. Try it out and leave us a review about your experience.

Weight 4 oz


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