Organic turmeric root contains natural antibacterial properties and may also help lessen the appearance of blemishes by fading them due to the natural curcumin it contains that’s said to reduce melanin production. Over time, you may notice dark spots have faded, your skin brightening up, giving you your natural Glow back.
Before starting any new product, always perform a patch test on a small area of your skin, preferably a forearm to rule out any possible sensitivities or allergies the product or its ingredients.

Statements made by Skin Soap Essentials are not intended to diagnose or cure in any way.

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Our Shea-Turmeric Soap may benefit the skin in various ways due to it’s many known skin beneficial properties such as
strong anti- oxidants
anti-microbial agent
may speed up wound healing
naturally helps brighten skin
boosts skins glow and your overall confidence

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